FILMGEAR 18000K Daylight

FILMGEAR 18000K Daylight

Our most powerful lights in the HMI range are the 18Ks as made by ARRI, Filmgear, Desisti & CMC (Silver Bullet). You may choose to use either 18kW for maximum output or 12kW for normal usage. The 18/12kW Super Silver Bullet is the lightest HMI lighting fixture in the business. Solidly constructed and dependable in either type of operation, it features the new spring action shock mount socket assembly. The newest and largest addition to the ARRI Daylight range, the 18kW, can be used as an alternative 12kW Cinepar with superior light output and distribution

Lighting Consoles & Controllers

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  • Avolite Pearl 2000

    • Control up to 120 moving lights
    • Control up to 120 channels of dimmers
    • Management 1024 2 DMX channels 512 (Pearl, 2000) lines
    • 15 playbacks restitution
    • 60 faders access to channels across 4 pages
    • Buttons flash swop on preparing playbacks and awith roller system pages “Rolacue” 
    • Quick access to all functionsof moving lights 
    • Powerful effectsgenerator with many pallet possibilities (colours, gobos, store-focus, etc.) 
    • VGA video output (monitoring) 

  • Compulite Rave

    Rave is a lighting control console designed especially for DJs, hire companies, trade shows and other live applications. The Rave introduces technologies previously only available in far more expensive consoles, and offers simple and quick set-up and operation, plus either manual or fully automated playback. Rave can control up to 100 channels (512 dimmers), 40 intelligent fixtures (each with up to 32 parameters) and 20 additional DMX-controlled devices (such as smoke machines, hazers, etc.) through one, integral DMX 512 output.

  • ETC 24/96 Smartfade

    The ETC 24/96 Smartfade is more than a two-scene preset board; this is a compact console with serious power under the hood. Take it to a gig or make it your back-up board in a DMX system. Easy to use, powerful to play with – including a rich special-feature set when you need it. You don’t have to be a lighting professional to use SmartFade, the most powerful little lighting desk you already know how to use. SmartFade 2496 is slightly larger than the SmartFade 1248, this console handles a larger dimmer count with ease. With simple access to control channels via individual faders, this console suits larger venues that need simple two-scene or single scene operation.

  • ETC Expression 3 Control Board

    The most successful family of lighting consoles ever. From international theatres to colleges, cruise ships and beyond, Expression-line consoles mean total lighting show control. Expression 3 continues the famous Expression tradition, mastering channel-hungry moving lights, colour changers, and dimmers. Expression 3 gives you moving-light hardware for direct control of moving-light functions. Powerful software features such as Focus Points, 16-bit fades, Last Action channels, and moving-light patch dramatically reduce your programming and setup time. With the addition of the Emphasis Server and fully integrated visualization, the Expression now commands even more advanced moving light functions.

  • GLP 48 Way Control Desk

    The Light Operator 48 is suitable for professional conventional DMX lighting systems, with its 48 faders it controls via softpatch 512 DMX channels. It offers best possible overview of the functions; therefore, it enables easy programming. Sound to light operates via an in-built microphone or via line in. The Light Operator 48 works in three different function levels and offers its programmers consequently all possibilities of the Parlight control.

  • MagicQ MQ50 Control Board

    The MQ50 takes the impressive functionality of the MQ100 and reduces it into a system 2/3 of the size and considerably lower weight. The MQ50 has 10 playbacks each with flash, go, pause and select buttons, and faders. Soft buttons, like those found around the touch-screen on MagicQ consoles are also provided, to enable selection of menu items and control of attributes. The MQ50 is primarily targeted as a reduced cost console for small theatres, schools and venues. Thus the MQ50 has a lower specification processor system, does not include a UPS, and has a simple construction. All connections are available on the rear panel, including a VGA socket for an external screen supplied by the user. This enables the user to choose between a low cost CRT monitor, a TFT, or one of the supported touch screens. The MQ50 supports 4 direct DMX outputs. As with all MagicQ consoles additional outputs can be supported via Ethernet. The MQ50 runs the same software as the other MagicQ consoles and hence the programming interface is exactly the same. Show files are completely compatible.

  • MagicQ USB DMX PC Dongle

    Twin isolated DMX512 Outputs. USB connection to MagicQ PC or Mac Powered from USB or input jack. Connect DMX universes to MagicQ PC, MagicQ Mac and MagicQ consoles with MagicQ Two Universe DMX512 Interface. Connects via USB and provides two independent DMX512 interfaces. The two universes are patchable to any of the 18 Universes available in the MagicQ software. The two DMX outputs are optically isolated from the USB to protect against damage to your PC. DMX framing is generated from within the module, unlike many other dongles, thus giving reliable and secure operation. Highly accurate DMX framing is possible with full 512 bytes frames. The default setting of 33 DMX frames per second provides for accurate stepping of moving lights. In normal operation the interface is powered from the USB port. A separate 12 volt power input socket is provided for connection to low power USB ports. It can also be used with MagicQ consoles to provide additional DMX outputs. Supplied complete with USB cable and MagicQ PC software CD.

  • MagicQ USB Midi/Timecode Dongle

    Multipurpose MIDI and SMPTE Time code Interface, MIDI notes and MIDI show control MIDI Time code, EBU25, SMPTE30, NTSC30, Film 24. Connect via MIDI and SMTPE to MagicQ PC, MagicQ Mac or MagicQ consoles with MagicQ ChamSys MIDI/Time code Interface. Supports MIDI in, MIDI out, SMPTE in, SMPTE out. Connects via USB. MIDI input can be used to trigger playbacks and other features via MIDI notes. MagicQ can be programmed to trigger specific playbacks/cues/macros from specific MIDI notes. The Interface supports standard MIDI Show Control for triggering Cues and Cue Stacks. This enables MagicQ to be used together with other consoles/software and systems that supports the MIDI Show Control protocol. MIDI data can be output from each Cue in Cue Stacks using simple MIDI strings. The MagicQ MIDI/Time code Interface is also available as a console option for fitting inside the one of the rear expansion modules of the MagicQ console. The MagicQ MIDI/Time code Interface comes with a USB cable and MagicQ software CD.

  • Q Commander Controller Extender

    The Q Commander automated lighting control system is a versatile, multi-function console for the widest range of entertainment lighting situations. The universal USITT DMX512 protocol is used to interface with all manner of modern lighting products, allowing the 256 output channels to be programmed to control moving lights, effects projectors, colour scrollers and dimmers. The programming of multi-channel moving lights is simplified by the push-button selection of each fixture attribute, each individual function being automatically assigned to the corresponding attribute push-button, using ‘fixture personality’ software. All the functions of the Q Commander, including set-up, configuration, programming, editing and playback are menu-driven from the high definition back-lit LCD display and surrounding ‘softkeys’. The display shows the programming prompts in one of a range of languages. However complex your lighting requirements the Q Commander has the ability to provide comprehensive control.

  • Zero 88 12/24 Juggler Console

    The Juggler provides manual lighting control for the smaller stage, offering the perfect solution to uncomplicated lighting plots. The Juggler is a two preset, 12 channel desk with a wide mode feature that allows 24 channel operation.

  • Zero 88 Elara 12/24 Console

    The Elara lighting desk is a compact user-friendly memory desk which records channel levels. Up to 48 memories can be recorded. The memories are played back, using the preset faders as sub-masters. The memories can also be used to program three sequences (chases). Crossfade times and chase speed/direction can be adjusted by the user. The Elara 12/24 has 12 control channels (24 channels in WIDE mode). The standard output from the desk is DMX 512 only.

  • Zero 88 Level 12 2 Preset DMX Controller

    The Level Plus Lighting desk is a manual two preset desk with separate fade time controls for the A and B presets, and the ability to flash individual channels. The Level 12 Plus desks have 12 control channels respectively. A DMX Output Kit is available which can be fitted to analogue only desks. On all desks with DMX Outputs, the DMX data is transmitted on DMX channels 1 – 24. However on the 12 channel desks the first 12 channels respectively have lighting data, the remaining channels are always transmitted as zero.

  • Zero 88 Level 6 DMX Controller

    6 channel manual control. The Level 6 is an excellent value manual lighting control desk and is perfect where minimal control is all that is required. The Level 6 is a six channel single preset DMX lighting controller with a master fader and “power on” LED. Perfect for simple, straight forward control.