FILMGEAR 18000K Daylight

FILMGEAR 18000K Daylight

Our most powerful lights in the HMI range are the 18Ks as made by ARRI, Filmgear, Desisti & CMC (Silver Bullet). You may choose to use either 18kW for maximum output or 12kW for normal usage. The 18/12kW Super Silver Bullet is the lightest HMI lighting fixture in the business. Solidly constructed and dependable in either type of operation, it features the new spring action shock mount socket assembly. The newest and largest addition to the ARRI Daylight range, the 18kW, can be used as an alternative 12kW Cinepar with superior light output and distribution

Moving Lights

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  • High End Studio Colour MSR575

    The Studio Spot CMY Zoom is a hard-edged moving yoke light featuring graduated colour wheels for smooth, infinite CMY colour mixing. Superior optics delivers a wide range of options, from beam-shaping effects to near photo-quality image and Litho patterns projection. Two rotating gobo wheels with 10 optional gobos and effects widen your projection versatility. The Studio Spot CMY has been equipped with a power supply and power factor correction, along with numerous advanced features, including remote focus, variable speed iris and smooth mechanical dimming. An innovative 18° – 30° stepless zoom lens covers the most popular beam angles and can be used side-by-side with normal lenses for a perfect match. Whether used on the road or in an architectural setting, the Studio Spot CMY’s superior optics, pan and tilt movement and sophisticated styling make it the perfect high-precision instrument for a wide range of applications.

  • High End Studio Command 700 Wash

    Studio Command offers lighting professionals a “command performance” in the most demanding events, be it in the theatrical, corporate, concert touring, house of worship markets or any other show or installation requiring a powerful wash fixture. Studio Command’s patented lenticular array optical system enhances the homogeneity of the projected light. The optical head is compact and light in weight, while still offering a large diameter exiting beam. The CMY dichroic colour-mixing system provides rapid and quiet colour changes, and the mechanical douser provides a smooth fade to black. The 8.25-inch output beam is full and vibrant and takes on a searchlight effect look, as the output lens is positioned relatively close to both the pan and tilt axes. The moving yoke fixture, controlled by DMX, features an adjustable field angle from 18 to 32 degrees. It also offers a variable mechanical and Electronic Strobe, with extra punch provided by the Light Burst effect. All Studio Command fixtures provide an option for stand-alone programming and support Talk Back technology that allows any DMX console supporting Talk Back protocol to remotely access the Studio Command on-board menu system.