4 Bank 2 Foot Eddie Flo with Studio Yoke



The double select system is equivalent to bouncing a 575 watt HMI off a white poly board. It consists of a two lamp fixtures operated by a remote ballast. The select ballast is flicker free at any camera speed or shutter angle with controls to power two lamps or one at high-output or standard-output settings. The same ballast will power your choice of 4ft, 2ft, or 15-inch fixtures. The double select system serves well as an edge light, or above the camera as an ‘obie’ light. When lighting close-ups of a face, the 4ft system provides a very flattering soft light that seemingly “wraps around” the face. The extended 6-inch barndoors and the louvers allow for a greater degree of light control. The double system is a multi-purpose, everyday light. By combining two doubles; you have the light output of a 4 bank. By powering only one lamp in the double fixture, the output equals a single select system. Like the 4 bank and single systems; the double’s wiring harness allows the lamps to be operated outside the fixture. This fixture frees up the lamps to be used for custom installations. To change the colour temperature, select the appropriate lamp.

  • Colour Temp.: 3200K and 5600K
  • Bulb Type: 55W Osram Studio Line
  • Spigot Type: 16mm Ball Mounted Spigot
  • Ballasts: 55W Dual Dimmable Ballast
  • Dimensions:
  • Weight: