Kino Flo Wall-O-Lite



The Wall-O-Lite broad spread is ideal for illuminating large cycs or for front -lighting blue/green screens and chromakey areas. The Wall-O-Lite is a ten-lamp fixture operated by an integrated ballast. The ballast is flicker free at any camera speed or shutter angle with controls to power ten to five lamps at high output. It is as flexible and easy to manipulate as a bounce card on a grip stand. In tight locations, its narrow profile allows it to be backed up to a wall with minimal loss of set space. It can be mounted on a junior stand or hung from a pipe. The Wall-O-Lite is designed with a centre-mounted arm that allows you to spin or angle the fixture in any position. Fixtures can be combined side by side to form a large “seamless” light source. A removable accessory frame holds a gel frame and louver, which allows for the control the direction and spread of the light.

  • Colour Temp: 3200K or 5500K
  • Bulb Type: Kino Flo KF32 or KF55
  • Ballasts: Wall-O-Lite Built-in-Ballast
  • Dimensions: 1327mm x 768mm x 197mm
  • Weight: 22.3kg


  • Wall-O-Lite Remote Switch
  • Single Head Extension, 25ft. or 12ft Black, 4-Pin Male to 4